April 15

collage blog

yesterday i wnet to ISU for the secind time it was fun but I took the same tour last time i went except the presnttaion that was cool there was alot of walking  on campus I think i might go there if I get the grades for it you have to score 245 on your  RIA witch is a test in high school I think it would be fun to go there. it has a really big campus and lots of that would be really cool if i got in I think I would major in biochemistry. I had a great time the first time it kinda got repeitive the second time they showed alot of the same stuff the food was really good there i had pizza. they have alot of buildings there were all big to there was also a lot of people there. I would like to see other collages before i pick this one. that is all I have to say till next time my dudes

April 1


shalom  i´m billy and today its currently 10:51 that mean its REAL GENIUS HOUR me and my parnters are work on this together its about rating video games and if you like video games you should probaly check it out its me and Jacob and Tristan. Tristan says that he knows alot about computers and he has a YouTube channel you should check it out maybe? anyways i want to help my group out with the thing because i don´t really help much in other groups but now im going to try so we haven´t even started it because i have to get my permission thing signed and i´m just saying theses things because i want a A+ so if you are reading this ms black i don´t know if i spelt that right but sorry if i did you should give me a A+ you would be my favorite teacher ever but i´m sure you won´t so how has your day been going i don´t want to know i just want a A today my dad goes to prison for killing three men at a bar when he was drunk i have to leave early because i´m moving to Texas or am i´m so it a prank i have no arms and i´m writing this how i don´t know when do i hit 250 words i don´t know when but soon so what you been up to…….. nothing that is  great what do you do for a living…….cool that really cool well guess what im leaving now bye

March 28

spring break

I had a boring spring break. First I had to go to my grandmotheres and I could not hang out with me friends. I guess it would have been fun if i went alone. because then its really quiet beside when the dogs start barking thats loud.

I also went to the batman v super man movie. I have nothing other to say so. here comes the spoiler. so it starts off with batman eating some sand and gum. then superman swoops down and says dont show up next time the…..the…. he realizes that he cant beat batman and he swoops back up into the sky and then batman goes on youtube and watches  

he thinks that its so funny he starts to ware Nike things and jordan´s at that point he has become the coolest guy in Gotham city. meanwhile at the leagun of doom lex luther is eating 4 peaces of colored paper.

while doing that he get to the space craft that they turned into a skate rink and he thaws the ice to find a big monster waiting for him and he die because he forgot to watch the walking dead that night. He falls no the grass vicously rolling around saying i what am i going to do when my friends ask me did you see it last night batman gets on his long board and puts his shades on and rides off to fight the monster the end

December 7

my blog

how many post do you have. I have 9 post about dank memes

how many school based post do you have 0

how many comments do you have 8 I pride myself on great comments

how many comments did you recive from teachers and  friends all of them

witch post got the most comments.corn

witch post did you most enjoy and why corn because know one knows about corn and what it has to deal with every day.

did you change any blogs themes and why. no I did not change any blog themes.

how many wigets do you have. none

how  many overseas do you have on your blog roll?  none.

witch web tool did you use to show creativity. pictures

November 16


imagesdownloadnature is so cool I love how it made this masterpiece. Corn is by far the best thing that nature made because the way it looks all the yellow bubbles of corn meat yes I said corn meat you think of a better way to describe corn. Also how can you not love the taste of corn on the cob popcorn all that candy with corn syrup. Everybody love corn in some way they just don´t know it yet so if someone said something about hating corn I would think that you would stand up for this poor defenceless creature and tell them how corn is the best thing out there. I will now give you some things to say to corn haters. why do you even hate corn, well no one else hate corn, they don´t grow corn so you can hate on it. if corn could kill you would be dead. Alright now let get back to the good part of corn. Corn help kid around the world it gives them candy and they eat off the stock. Did you know that some Native Americans worshiped corn as their god. If that doesn´t  make you like corn I don´t what will. the maya based there calender on corn planting. the maya are people that lived in south America that also like the Native American worshiped corn. the most impresive thing that is that America depends on corn and if corn were to all be gone a lot of people would go hungry and America  would be in trouble. There are some debates that corn is a grain and some people think is a vegetable well i´m here to put that to rest field corn is a grain and sweet corn is a vegetable  it because when they harvest them they are different things so there you go if you want to learn more about corn I think you should google.

November 9

posting comments

I have posted a comment to a young girl by the name of Daisy and she is 7 and live in china that is all I know about her and that she likes dumplings.



she really likes animals



he like  to swim and he is really brave


her post about the action day was very good and detailed



his favorite book is ¨their is a boy in the girls bathroom¨


he has a very good poem about football


he like all his avatars to be cool. online


he talked about the nyc subway system


she has a voteing thing about what food we like.


she went to the oregans ducks game

November 3


I eat corn all the time if it in candy or it corn on the cob corn will allways be close to my heart if it  has butter on it. or sugarimageslook at that corn makes me want to cry I will leave you guys at this unless my teacher tell me to make it longer. bye I want you guys to leave the dankest comment you guys got.

October 30


The only thing I do on halloween is go out and get candy from house to house. Witch is really weird because if you think about it if you went any other night go out to random houses they would think that you are crazy. so I really don´t do any other thing on halloween. but here is a spooky meme.


may all your dream come true on the 31 of october and have a spooky night.





October 23

tom cruise


this is a picture of tom cruise and if you look close enough you will see that he has a tooth in the middle of his face. I´m here to talk about that. I´m not sure why but I think I know how bad dentistry. I also think that he does not know that he has a tooth in the center of his mouth. So that why I’m trying to bring this to your attention. Dose this matter that much. Yes it does why would I make a post of this if it dose not matter. To me this is super important to me. I can´t stand watching his movies so I want you guys to share this with all your friend and maybe someone can tell him what going on. If you had a tooth in the middle of your mouth would you want to get it fixed if you would want it fixed then share this post with all your friends.



by en.wikipedia.org

by en.wikipedia.org

October 16

Raise your voice

Animal cruelty

Animal cruelty is when someone hurts a animal or neglects the animal. It´s a law and you could go to jail or pay a fine. There are tons of laws trying to protect the helpless dogs and cat that have to live in a cage in someones backyard diying. With tons of parasites and diseases or without any food or water. but the laws are still not good enough. So I think people that have hurt a animal should have to pay more or go to jail longer. Another crime is that if  you run over a animal and you don´t stop and see if their ok. I have seen this happen. I was at my friends house and their dog got lose and me and my friend went to go find her. Then we heard a yelp and we went to go check it out. we found her trying to get up out of the street. She could not get up because the car had ran her over and it broke her hind leg. the dog was also pregnant. she ended up being ok but they had to pay for the broken leg. in the next month she had 6 or 7 pups that were all healthy. What that guy did was mean and illegal. Also you could go to jail for having dogs fight. that can hurt the dog and make the dog think that he is going to be attacked all the time. Michael Vick was a professional football player that had dogs. He beat them and had them fight with other dogs. we need to stop all this abuse to help stop you could adopt a animal or donate here the pic is where you can donate.all of the info I got was from http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/free-books/dog-book/chapter13-3.html. 

The Humane Society of the United States