March 28

spring break

I had a boring spring break. First I had to go to my grandmotheres and I could not hang out with me friends. I guess it would have been fun if i went alone. because then its really quiet beside when the dogs start barking thats loud.

I also went to the batman v super man movie. I have nothing other to say so. here comes the spoiler. so it starts off with batman eating some sand and gum. then superman swoops down and says dont show up next time the…..the…. he realizes that he cant beat batman and he swoops back up into the sky and then batman goes on youtube and watches  

he thinks that its so funny he starts to ware Nike things and jordan´s at that point he has become the coolest guy in Gotham city. meanwhile at the leagun of doom lex luther is eating 4 peaces of colored paper.

while doing that he get to the space craft that they turned into a skate rink and he thaws the ice to find a big monster waiting for him and he die because he forgot to watch the walking dead that night. He falls no the grass vicously rolling around saying i what am i going to do when my friends ask me did you see it last night batman gets on his long board and puts his shades on and rides off to fight the monster the end