April 1


shalom  i´m billy and today its currently 10:51 that mean its REAL GENIUS HOUR me and my parnters are work on this together its about rating video games and if you like video games you should probaly check it out its me and Jacob and Tristan. Tristan says that he knows alot about computers and he has a YouTube channel you should check it out maybe? anyways i want to help my group out with the thing because i don´t really help much in other groups but now im going to try so we haven´t even started it because i have to get my permission thing signed and i´m just saying theses things because i want a A+ so if you are reading this ms black i don´t know if i spelt that right but sorry if i did you should give me a A+ you would be my favorite teacher ever but i´m sure you won´t so how has your day been going i don´t want to know i just want a A today my dad goes to prison for killing three men at a bar when he was drunk i have to leave early because i´m moving to Texas or am i´m so it a prank i have no arms and i´m writing this how i don´t know when do i hit 250 words i don´t know when but soon so what you been up to…….. nothing that is  great what do you do for a living…….cool that really cool well guess what im leaving now bye

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